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Help wanted! We’re looking for interviewers for ‘Our Reality’

“Our Reality” Virtual Production project

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For the “Our Reality” project, we’re collecting stories and anecdotes from people on the run. We say ‘people on the run’ and not ‘refugees’ as we’re trying to humanise their stories. (You can find more information about the project here).

We are looking for interviewers who can help us with collecting these stories. Contact can be made through various people at the refugee organisations who have already been contacted.
Students can also contact other organisations (official or civic initiatives) on their initiative.

The interviewer can fall back on a few pre-determined questions for the interviews. Your curiosity does the rest. The preset questions are only a guide and can be adapted to your input.

These interviews are then rewritten into short scenarios or anecdotes.
At LUCA Lemmens’ Drama Department, this project will be followed up. In the ‘voice actor’ training component, these stories will be brought back to life as animations using the short scenarios and anecdotes as a guide.

Interviewer task:

Interviews: conduct, collect and process the audio interviews, and contact potential interview candidates.


We want to brief the first group of interviewers by the end of October 2022.

The complete first set of interviews should be ready before the end of 1st semester of 2022 (before Christmas break).

    You will be contacted after you have filled in the form.