Dark Light

On 13/11/2021, The Painting With Light Project was held at the Library of Genk.

The Painting with Light Project is an immersive audiovisual performance by the Extended Animation collective. In this project, a ‘Live Painting’ is created in Virtual Reality (VR) for which several well-known literary works are the starting point.In order to immerse the audience in the artists’ VR experience, these Live Paintings were displayed as video mapping projections with the impressive interior of the library of Genk as a canvas.

Thanks to the interaction between the Live Paintings, the music composed live in VR and the live coded music, the interior wasn’t only a carrier for the imaginary world of the artists, but also a musical instrument.

The Painting With Light Project is a collaboration between doctoral researcher Gert Wastyn, VR animation studio Lavamachine, composer Daan Geysen, composer Dago Sondervan, Blub Video, Library Genk and research group Inter-Actions (LUCA School Of Arts).

In this aftermovie, some impressions of what happened during the event: