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Gert Wastyn is a multidisciplinary artist with a diverse range of experience in various fields of art, including audio-visual art, illustration, and research. He has been actively involved in the creative industry since 2003 and has worked on many projects in collaboration with the Creative You Must.Be collective, which has allowed him to explore and experiment with different forms of art, including vj sets, installations, and multimedia theatre performances.

In addition to his work as an artist, Gert Wastyn is also a teacher and researcher at LUCA School of Arts in Belgium. His research explores the potential of Extended Reality within Expanded animation and its impact on artistic output.

Gert Wastyn’s work as an illustrator has recently resulted in the release of the book titled “Blink, Plue & Colorful,” written by Kathleen Latlip in 2022. As an illustrator, he has a unique style that reflects his artistic background and influences, and he frequently transports these elements over to the field of Expanded animation.

Overall, Gert Wastyn is a versatile artist, teacher, and researcher who continues exploring various art forms’ creative potential, often in non-conventional ways. His work in the field of Extended Reality within Expanded animation aims to make significant contributions to the area of animation and multimedia art.