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On November 26, 2023, Guido Devadder and I conducted a workshop during The Day of Science at the KU Leuven campus. During this session, we presented our respective PhD research outcomes, seamlessly integrated into the Expanded Memories project of FilmEU RIT. Within this project, we collaborated on the creation of Zoetrope animations in both analogue 3D prints and virtual reality (VR). In particular, my VR piece focused on a distinctive approach to animation: animating shadows. This emphasis provides a fresh perspective on the animated form of anamorphic shadows, an area that has yet to be thoroughly explored until now. 

Theme of the workshop: Embarking on a journey from prehistory to the future of Animated Film!

While film was officially invented in 1895, the origins of animation date back over sixty years earlier and are rooted in Belgian innovation.

In 1832, Joseph Plateau designed the first phenakistiscope, which allowed the perception of short animations as moving images on a rotating disc. Despite the disappearance of this medium with the advent of cinema, it was recently rediscovered by media artists exploring its unique characteristics. In our artistic research project, ‘Expanded Memories,’ Guido and I translated this rediscovery into animated 3D prints and virtual reality.

The workshop allowed participants to delve into these uncharted territories of animated art and understand why animating shadows in virtual reality can be a particularly intriguing aspect of animation. Participants discovered how this unique perspective opens up new possibilities and pushes the boundaries of animated art.