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From April 12th to April 14th we hosted a test exposition for the Expanded Memories project at the Method/Art seminar in Antwerp. Project leader, Steven Malliet, presented the project to the audience before guiding them to the exposition space. The highlight of the exhibition was an AR poster presentation, where visitors had the opportunity to explore various components of the project.

Our team members showcased their expo items, which included 3D printed shadow zoetropes, dream machines, and video installations displayed on three mapped walls. Additionally, attendees could experience immersive VR through goggles, featuring several VR zoetropes and a VR headset showcasing a 360° video from a previous expo.

This exposition provided a valuable opportunity for us to experiment with different methods of displaying VR content. As we prepare for the upcoming expo in October, we plan to conduct further tests to determine the optimal iteration for printing the VR zoetropes and creating a captivating 3D printed zoetrope installation.

A short impression of the Expo before the opening.