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We’ve created a short video to showcase the 3D models created for the Carbon Cycle project. The video will be displayed at the NAWA ART exhibition in Poland between 25/06/2021 and 20/07/2021 at Muzeum Motoryzacji, Czarnohucka 10, Tarnowskie Gory.

The video is comprised of a couple of shots from the Carbon Cycle model, rendered in Blender. All the low poly assets were created in Virtual Reality using Gravity Sketch.

This is a collaboration between myself (Extended Animation – Inter-Actions) and Wim Forceville and Stijn Calis (Cohack Reallity).

Composition, baseplate (ground and water) & camera: Stijn Calis
VR 3D modeling, render & final edit: Gert Wastyn
Leading researcher: Wim Forceville