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“Our Reality” Virtual Production project

Workshop Toolkit: Student results 2022

Help wanted! We’re looking for interviewers for ‘Our Reality’

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This project about people on the run stems from the artistic research of Gert Wastyn (C-Mine Genk), who is working on his PhD. Through a series of artistic projects, he explores the possibilities of Virtual Production tools and Virtual Reality within animation film.

The project is a collaboration between different Campuses within LUCA School of Arts: Luca School of Arts Campus C-Mine and Luca School of Arts Campus Lemmens.

Project description
In ‘Our Reality’, the stories of people on the run are visualised through a series of artistic projects. With the result of these projects, we aim to humanise people on the run.
Using interviews, we explore their stories and anecdotes. These are not necessarily (always) negative stories. This could be stories about friendships, love and funny moments experienced along the way.

Firstly: these recordings of the stories will be used during a series of workshops at the campus LUCA C-Mine:

  1. Virtual Animation Workshop with ex-Disney animator Daniel Peixe:
    In these workshops, participants create short animation sequences in Virtual Reality to accompany the voiceovers/sound recordings.
  2. Intro Virtual Production Workshop:
    During this workshop, voiceovers and short scenarios or anecdotes become the source material for an introduction to the virtual production process.

Secondly and most importantly: all voiceovers + instructions for using the virtual production process to visualise the stories will be made available online for everyone. By sharing this material and knowledge, we invite all Digi-creatives to participate in this project and share their results. By working with an open source mindset, we hope to encourage as many creatives as possible to start using a VR pipeline as part of their animation lexicon.

The processed stories returned will be used in a physical and online expo, immersive VR experiences and a compilation film of all the works.

We’re looking for interviewers. You can enroll here.