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The fast and iterative nature of virtual reality (VR) design tools makes them well-suited for creating Concept Art. Many artists have embraced VR as a tool for quickly generating Concept Art, either as part of a larger workflow or as the primary tool. This ideation method allows artists to showcase various camera angles of a specific shape without requiring advanced 3D modelling skills.

I initially experimented with Adobe Medium, a sculpting tool in VR. After establishing the initial 3D form, I overlay it with paint to conceptualise a creature. The image below is an exported picture I used as a base for painting in Procreate’s iPad app.

This was one of the earlier experiments I did during the first year of my research.

I also used Multibrush, an app for VR illustration, to create quick animated concepts. An example of this is this silhouette based sketch I created in 2021.

I later (2022-2023) revisited the notion of using VR as a Concept Art tool when Procreate updated its app and made it possible to import 3D models. It was now easy to import the 3D models I created in VR apps like Gravity Sketch and orient the camera angle in Procreate to proceed with overpainting and stylising the artwork.