Dark Light

This Project Overview video offers an insight into the Painting With Light Project.

Led by the Extended Animation collective, the project showcases an immersive audiovisual experience. Inspired by literary works, the artists craft “Live Paintings” within the virtual reality (VR) realm. These compositions are then transformed into video mapping projections, adorning the interior of the Genk library as the canvas.

The Project Overview delves into the integration of live-coded and VR-composed music, adding an auditory dimension to the performance. By collaborating with Lavamachine, composers Daan Geysen and Dago Sondervan, Blub Video, Library Genk, and LUCA School of Arts’ research group Inter-Actions, the project embodies a fusion of technology, artistry, and design.

The video presentation comprehensively elucidates the project’s components, providing insights into the interplay between technological innovation, literary inspiration, and visual performance. This presentation offers context and insightful explanations of the creative and design decisions that underlie this artistic endeavour.