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I recently attended the Artistic Research in VR Seminar at Lusofona University in Portugal from March 14th to 16th. This seminar served as a platform for investigating the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) as a medium for artistic expression and experimentation. It provided an opportunity to showcase various VR research projects.

I recently spent March 14–16 at Lusofona University in Portugal for the Artistic Research in VR Seminar. This lecture provided a venue for exploring Virtual Reality’s (VR) potential as a creative expression and exploration platform. It gave a chance to display numerous VR research projects.

VR Masterclass Creation: Using the Gravity Sketch program, I held a VR Masterclass. This session aimed to demonstrate the possibilities of quick prototyping for artistic projects and VR workshops. Participants engaged with the immersive capabilities of Gravity Sketch. By showcasing the efficiency of virtual prototyping, the participants could refine their ideas without requiring time-consuming physical models.

Making Spatial VR Installations with Lidar Scans: During the session, I demonstrated how to make spatial VR installations with Lidar scans. The participants incorporated lighting and spatial arrangements by fusing real-world settings with virtual reality, encouraging creative and captivating artistic expressions.

Rapid Prototyping of VR 360 Panoramas: Additionally, I led participants in the rapid development of VR 360-degree panoramas while drawing inspiration from traditional panorama paintings from the early 20th century. We investigated the building of immersive virtual settings that reflected the panoramic art form by utilizing contemporary VR methods.