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Here are the results of the workshop ‘Design in VR’ held at LUCA School Of Arts Genk in March 2021. All the results were made in Gravity Sketch on the day of the workshop within 3 hours maximum. The video comprises screen capture sequences taken from the Gravity Sketch platform: Landingpad.

Gravity Sketch doesn’t have a feature that allows the users to create well-lit renders. Proper renders must be made by importing the 3D models into other software suitable for creating these renders.

Some students immediately tried to incorporate their style into their 3D pieces. Others took a less illustrative approach and tried to 3D model as they would in other 3D-modelling software. Some of the more exciting results lay between these two approaches.

Some students wanted to use these designs in other 3rd party software like Blender, Lightwave or Cinema 4D. The results of those renders will be published on the Extended Animation website.