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In March 2023, ex-Disney animator Daniel Peixe was invited to collaborate in the workshop Virtual Animation at LUCA campus C-mine in Belgium. Daniel is a pioneer in the field of Virtual Animation. His VR short, ‘The Remedy’ really showcases what is possible in VR storytelling.

During the course of the week, the students were shown the complete workflow of how to animate in VR using the (free) software ‘Quill’.

Topics covered were:

– Drawing in Quill
– Training your arm using images for reference
– Adding 3D to your sketch with the Grab tool or selections
– Intro to animation in Quill with frame-by-frame technique
– Simple storyboard for a short story with your character+environment.
– Intro to camera
– Storytelling in VR
– Adding sound Intro to FX animations
– Adding camera/ Viewpoint in |
– Anim brush VR, best practices Practice
– Simple Modeling intro, spheres, simple shapes, ribbon brush + grab modeling
– Lathe technique Intro to animation with Keyframes/layers practice
– How to upload to VR anim Player on the Quest
– Other uses: exporting to fbx/alembic
– Exporting video mp4
– Using Color to Light your scene