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In March 2023, an academic collaboration took place between Luca School of Arts Campus C-mine, Ritcs, and AED, focused on the workshop entitled “Toolkit: Virtual Production” held at AED studios in Lint, Belgium.

The participating students came from a variety of departments. Students participated from Game Design, Animation and Tv-Film.

The workshop’s primary objective was to familiarize the students with the XR studio and its comprehensive range of capabilities. To achieve this, the students were initially assigned a task involving a car plate shoot. By each assuming a rotating role of a film crew, the students were provided with a car and background to explore the intricacies of working with this medium, thus gaining insights into its merits and drawbacks.

For the second assignment, the participating students were instructed to repurpose preexisting scripts to conceive a concise narrative sequence employing the XR setup available within the Virtual Production Studio. This task necessitated the creation of new Unreal Engine assets exclusively for this sequence. Consequently, the students were compelled to engage in experimental endeavours, expanding their knowledge and proficiency concerning the capacities inherent in the XR studio.

The result of this exercise can be seen at the end of the video above.

On the last day, students were allowed to experiment on their own. One of these experiments was to create and shoot a snowy landscape.